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Gordon Highlanders Icon - Patricia HowittGordon Highlanders Crest
Crest Badge: Out of crest coronet, a buck’s head cabossed, proper, attired or, in an ivy wreath.
Motto: Bydand (Remaining – in Battle:”Stand Fast!”)
Plant Badge: the ivy.

Affectionately known as “The Gordons”, the Gordon Highlanders is the regiment of the Clan Gordon, and was first raised in 1794.  Its war cry is “A Gordon! A Gordon!” and its plant badge is the ivy.  Its pipe music is The Gordon’s March.  The featured image for this page I made from a scan of a small silver replica pin of the crest badge that I’ve had since a teenager.

The Clan Gordon came from the Lowlands of Scotland to Aberdeenshire in the 14th Century when Sir Adam, Lord of Gordon, was granted lands in Strathbogie by King Robert the Bruce.

The forerunner of the 1st battalion The Gordon Highlanders, known as the 75th Regiment, was raised in 1787 for service in the Far East. Then in 1793 the French Revolutionary Government declared war on Great Britain and the Government asked the Duke of Gordon to raise another regiment. This he did with the help of his beautiful wife the Duchess Jean, who offered to kiss any man who would take the King’s shilling.

The two regiments were amalgamated in 1881 and the title The Gordon Highlanders was officially applied to the new combined regiment.

Official Homepages of the Gordon Highlanders
The Gordon Highlanders Museum

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